Ain’t That Some Shit

You think can just entirely get rid of something about yourself?” I recently heard a someone say, “No. Whoever told you that is a liar!

Well no,” I’d replied, “I just keep thinking that if I work hard enough it will like… go into remission or something.


I guess it kind of works like that, and doesn’t. Our things, hang-ups, issues, kleshas, struggles, or whatever label you’d like to slap on them, don’t really exactly so much go all the way away, they just show up in new ways . . .

Yeah. FUCK.

Translation: your shit is your shit is your shit.

If control is your jam, for example, you can learn how to stop trying to control your children, spouse, or people around you, but you can bet your ass you’ll start trying to control something else, like say, how people think about you, or exactly how much mess is allowed in your life. Then you’ll realize that isn’t working and give it up, only to find that control may have morphed into some new form, like anxiety, or fear. Move past that and you’ll run right into a wall of chaos when something unexpected happens in your life and you default to crisis management mode by trying to . . . control the outcome.

So, yes, I repeat- your shit is your shit is your shit.

Can you get better at recognizing and dealing with your shit? Yes. Can you move your shit out of spaces in your life? Yes. Can you clean your shit up? Yes. Can you get your shit together? Of course! Can you deal with your shit, show your shit, get comfortable with your shit,  put a lot of your shit behind you, or let that shit go ? Yes, yes, yes, yes and also, yes.

But you can’t evaporate your shit. You can’t annihilate it. You can’t ignore it away. You can’t scoop it up and throw it out. Not all the way.

So, what do do about this shitty situation then?

Work. Do the work. Identify, clean, burn, re-evaluate, re-examine, upgrade your mindset, move your energy, unblock your chakras, remove your kleshas, change your thoughts, your habits, your attitudes and your beliefs.

Whatever it looks like for you, just

You will make progress. You will feel freer, and lighter and better. You will make space for something new. Things will change.

And, you will be even more prepared, even better equipped, even wiser and more agile for the next round of shit shedding.

And you will do the work. And things will change. And your shit will still be there.

The goal is not to live shit free. The goal is to see your shit, Acknowledge your shit, and handle THAT shit.

You can do this. You can. Keep doing the work. Keep putting in the time. The release you’ll get in the end will be worth it. I promise.

Keep on, keeping on, you beautiful shit slayers you.

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