Okay people. We are almost there. Final push. Four more days of 2014 remaining.

You’ve made it through several rounds of dysfunctional family fun, successfully lived to see another December 26th begin and end, and probably (just guessing) already made and broke several promises to detox, eat clean, and go for a run tomorrow.

Congrats. You’re almost to the big day. The magic eraser for life. A do-over. Resolution time.

All of that guilt is about to be removed from your back, neck, shoulders and ummmmmm, gut.

Right? Because for sure, you are going to wake up on Friday and everything will be different because it’s 2015 and now you MEAN BUSINESS.

Thursday? Thursday you had some intentions. Thursday you bought a Groupon for a month of CrossFit, a ten class pass to hot yoga, four hours with personal trainer, and a week of detox juices, then toasted yourself for this bit of genius with few glasses of bubbly.

But Friday? Friday you’re ready. Game.On.

Right after you peel yourself from the couch, that is.

Yeah. Gotcha there, don’t I?

Because there’s always tomorrow. You can do it later. Not now. Next time. You will totally get up on that in a little bit.

Sure you will.

Here’s the thing. January 1st is rather arbitrary date, all things considered.

While New Years serves as a reminder for us to get our shit together, to forgive ourselves for what we haven’t done, accomplished, been, seen, or loved, and to “do better” this year, it’s really just another day.

Because, friends, every day is a chance to start over. Hell, every second is chance to start over. The next chapter of your life starts right now. And then again with your next breath.

And then again after that.

When will your life begin to really shift? When will the dreams you have for yourself begin to take tangible form? When will it finally be Friday?

The answer, the one you know is coming, is that it’s whenever the hell you say it is.

When you are ready to take ownership of your reality. When you commit making something new. When you take the first step. When you say yes to what is possible and no to excuses.

When you stop being afraid of your own potential.

You have the opportunity to create a new life for yourself all day, every day.  You know exactly who is standing in your way.

Move over.

So, go ahead and do your thing the next four days if you’d like. Stay exactly where you are. Keep saying no. Insist you’re not ready for anything better, yet.

You want to eat and drink more in a week than you did the entire month of November? Go for it. You know what will happen. You know if it is or isn’t good for you (99.99% chance it’s the latter). You know what serves you, literally, and what doesn’t.

If you do overindulge, don’t complain about it — own that shit. Do it and love it, or don’t and be content with that decision. Your call. Your future. Just, no whining please.

You chose this reality; you are a participant, not a recipient.

When you’re ready to roll, when you’ve finally decided that you’re ready to stop waiting for Friday, then, well, then let’s talk.

For now, today, right now, I’ll leave you with a suggestion. A hint—

If you want something, the first step is figuring out exactly what the fuck it is.

Get clear, very clear, about what you really want.  Good stuff happens after that, I promise.

Ready? Just say when.

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